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Aspergillus Antigen Protein
Mixture of soluble and particulated antigens from Aspergillus niger. It can be applied to immune rea..
Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) Protein
This product is a 10% BSA solution in PBS, containing sodium azide. It is protease free. Proteases a..
Charcoal Microparticles
Charcoal microparticles, suitable to produce charcoal-VDRL...
E. coli O 157
We offer bacterial cells presented as an acetone powder, suitable to produce mono or polyclonal anti..
Egg Lecithin
Phosphatidyl choline purified from egg yolk by the Pangborn technique, suitable to produce VDRL anti..
Hemoglobin Bovine Protein
Hemoglobin is the major component of red blood cells, and is responsible for their red color. Hemogl..
Latex Beads
Latex beads are the polymeric particles suspended in a latex. They are used in applications as contr..
Mononucleosis Infection Antigen Protein
Mononucleosis antigen is a glycoprotein purified from bovine erythrocytes, suitable to produce reage..
Toxoplasma Antigen Protein
Toxoplasma antigen is a mixture of all antigens present in tachzoites, including soluble and finely ..