Citing Your Research

Help your research go further

"Citing your sources correctly can dramatically speed up discovery for your fellow scientists"

Abbexa is offering those that share detailed publications a complimentary 10% discount on their next purchase with us. Simply purchase and cite our products in a publication. The sharing of scientific research publications is as important as cooperation and communication, and is one of the biggest contributors to achievement. This is why Abbexa is supporting and promoting publications and complete citations with this offer.

Including correctly cited products within your publication benefits the scientific community by providing an easy method to locate tested research materials. Find citations and confidently purchase products with proven performance in real world assays.

To claim your discount, follow these easy steps when writing your paper:

  1. Specify Abbexa as the source of the product
  2. Include the unique product abx catalogue number
  3. Report the tested applications, dilution ranges and the species of the samples used
  4. Email us a PDF version of your paper to
  5. Receive your unique discount code

Terms and Conditions

Discounts are allocated per product correctly cited following the above-mentioned rules
Discounts are awarded per product cited, even if published on the same paper. Discounts are awarded per product on a first-come-first-serve basis. No more than one discount code will be awarded for the same product
Publication discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts
Additionally, no more than one can be used at a time for any order
Each discount code is valid for one calendar year
Each discount code is single use
Papers that have not been fully accepted in journals which may require more work are also accepted