Courier Services

Our Courier Services

Abbexa supplies scientific resources across the globe so we use various couriers to ensure the best possible route and handling service your package requires. We couldn't provide our fantastic service without the help of our speedy delivery services. Their dedication to fast, and careful handling of your products goes hand in hand with our strides towards excellent customer service. They, like us, recognise the importance and sensitivity of your purchase, so they are always happy to go the extra mile. Our logistics team will calculate the best course of action to get your product to you.



DHL has continued to provide us with excellent delivery services throughout the years. Their attention to detail has never wavered, always taking our needs and our customers' needs into full consideration.


FedEx is an exceptional courier service we have trusted many of your goods to. They are only satisfied when their customers are. Your products are in safe hands with FedEx.



Zedify are an incredibly useful and good quality delivery service. They take care of our local (Cambridge) deliveries, getting them to the customer on the day of their order. Zedify specialises in urban deliveries using electric cargo bikes and vans. They operate from hubs on the edge of the city, consolidate deliveries and use cargo bikes for the first and last mile to reduce congestion, noise and improve air quality. They have a large presence in Cambridge working with 200+ local companies.