Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production Service

A reliable immunological assay demands reliable antibodies and custom antibody production services. Abbexa provides a one-stop solution to all our customers antibody needs. Our custom antibody production services include recombinant protein expression, peptide design and synthesis, polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production, affinity purification, conjugation, and immunoassay development.


  1. Technology AccumulationMore than five years in the antibody production;
  2. Competitive priceson average at least 30% less expensive than our competitors;
  3. Flexible ServiceWe are striving to satisfy the needs as you need indeed;
  4. As long as you choose Abclonal, you must get one of ways to cooperate with it.Co-burden to the risk for antibody production, or zero risk; You also can choose western-guaranteed or antigen positive guaranteed antibody production to finish the project

What we provide in the package?

1. Antigen preparation data, peptide or protein;

2. ELISA results of the antiserum on antigen;

3. WB or dot-blot data of the antibody on antigen;

4. 200ul of rabbit pre-immune serum;

5. 2ml of rabbit antiserum, titer higher than 1:20000 in ELISA;

6. 1mg of recombinant protein or uncoupling peptide;

7. 2mg of affinity-purified antibody (1mg/ml), able to detect 10ng of antigen in WB;