Australia is setting a good example for renewable energy. The Australian Renewable Energy Index is a country wide report that examines the impact renewables have on Australia has reported renewables produced enough energy to supply 70% of their homes with clean energy.

7.1 million homes have benefited from clean, green energy from July 2016 – July 2017. This accumulates to 17.2 percent of all energy consumed nationwide. Although the sun radiates on Australia most days, solar energy only accounts for one-fifth of the total renewable output. Hydroelectricity produces two-fifths of all renewable energy with wind trailing behind at a third of all renewable output. A decade ago, renewable energy was only at 7% of all total output so it is delightful to see such a turn around in recent years.

“The renewable energy sector has staged a remarkable recovery, after investment completely dried-up under former Prime Minister Tony Abbott,” Tristan Edis, an analyst from Green Energy Markets, told The Guardian. He added that renewables are creating “construction jobs and investment boom.”

Currently, Australia has 46 large scale renewable energy plants under construction, creating full-time jobs for 8,868 people for a year. Solar panel on home rooftops for personal use has also created 3,769 full-time jobs, which have also supplied 150,000 home with electricity.

Australia has a target of generating 20% of its total energy to be produced from renewables by 2020, but they are on course to achieve this by 2018.

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