Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer? Email us at info@abbexa.com or tell us about it through the form on our contact us page.
How do I find my product of interest?
Use the search bar at the top of every page to search for a keyword or catalogue number. The search will use each term separately, so please type only the name of the target. For example, if you type "ABCA13 antibody" the results will be very large, because many products have the word "antibody" in them. Therefore, try searching for "ABCA13" only. You can then filter the results to narrow your search to show specific attributes you are looking for in your item. For example, you could narrow your search to show only rabbit polyclonal antibodies conjugated to HRP.
How do I place an order?
You can place an order online using a purchase order, debit or credit card using our secure payment gateway and offline by email, telephone or fax using the details on our contact us page.
Once you have narrowed your results, you can click on the name of an item or the “Order now” button to view more detailed product information. The product page has further information on the product, including any relevant reviews and test images. Here, you can select your preferred size option and add to cart, or to your Wish List, if you want to come back to us later.
Once you have added everything you need to your shopping cart, you can access it on the top right hand side of the website. Select the “View cart” option if you wish to check through your items or receive a quote, otherwise click “Go to checkout”. Here, you will need to register as a new customer or sign in as a returning customer. We need these details to be able to ship the item to you and contact you if there are any issues with your order. Follow the instructions on the secure checkout page to finalise your order. You should receive email confirmation once you have placed your order. If you haven’t received confirmation in 1 hour, please contact us to confirm your order.

I am a European customer (non-UK) from a VAT registered institution. How can I remove the VAT charge?
EU VAT registered institutions do not need to pay tax. You will need to create an account on our website first, then email us at info@abbexa.com a copy of your VAT registration certificate and we will ensure that you can make VAT exempt purchases using your account. For EU customers outside the UK please also include the country code prefix for the VAT number.
What payment methods do you offer?
We can accept payments through credit and debit cards, cheque, bank and wire transfer. For further details, please contact our accounts team at accounts@abbexa.com.
Where can I find the shipping charges?
Shipping charges are calculated at the checkout and depend on the type and quantity of items which you purchase, as well as the destination.
Shipping and handling: UK: £10, EU: £25 and Rest of the World: £35.

Do you offer quotes or pro forma invoices?
Yes. These are available on the checkout page. Select the items you would like to purchase from our range, then proceed to checkout. Add your shipping information and then type in your email address at the bottom before clicking the "receive quote" button. If you have not received your quote within 30 minutes, please contact us.
Do you have any other offers?
Yes. We are currently offering our customers Amazon vouchers with every purchase. Please visit our Rewards & Promotions page for more information.

Do temperature or transit time affect my product?
No. Studies were carried out to ensure product stability at higher temperatures, concluding that products remain active and stable for over 1 week of exposure to high temperatures around 45°C. Thus, exposure to a room temperature of around 20°C for a period of 1 week is acceptable and should not affect stability of the product. Nevertheless, products are shipped with ice packs. Some stability has been linked to the buffer used. If you are unsure whether your product of interest will be affected during transit, please contact us at info@abbexa.com.