Anti-Bribery Statement

Anti-Bribery Statement

Abbexa is committed to operating with the highest standards of ethical conduct. We respect and encourage free and fair competition among businesses.

We act in accordance with the Bribery act 2010 in all aspects of our business and operate with a zero-tolerance policy for all of our employees and failure to comply will lead to disciplinary procedures

Abbexa prohibits all employees from offering, promising, giving, requesting agreeing to, receiving or accepting bribes.

At Abbexa we train our staff our staff to ensure compliance and to recognise non-compliance in any potential channel partners. We have a whistleblowing policy in place to ensure our employees can report any concerns in confidence.

Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Funding Statement

The company operates a no tolerance policy when it comes to Money Laundering and Terrorism Funding. The company has released the following statement to comply with UK government regulations, FCA and ICAEW against Money Laundering and Terrorist Funding. We follow these criteria:

  1. The company acknowledges and gives consent to the public to check its public records for transparency compliance.
  2. The company qualifies as a transparent legal association and complies with the following criteria
    • the structure of owner(s), shareholders and beneficiaries of the company is freely available;
    • has its tax residence and is controlled in the UK.
  3. The company will report any change to any partners in any of the above circumstances within 1 month of becoming aware of such circumstances.

The company acknowledges and agrees that any partner is entitled and obliged to terminate their contract with the company with immediate effect if any above statements are false.