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Research into Biosimilar antibodies

The term biosimilar refers to biological products which structure, function and efficacy is similar to that of an FDA-approved biopharmaceutical. Biosimilars are designed to mimic drugs and, while they are not identical, they have similar activity. To date, not many biosimilar proteins and antibodies have been approved for clinical use, but many have become useful research tools as they enable evaluation of the effects of many biopharmaceuticals in an easy and less expensive manner.

Abbexa offers a wide range of ELISA kits for multiple biosimilar antibodies*

Product Highlight

Infliximab ELISA Kit

Infliximab was the first approved biosimilar for clinical use. It is a chimeric monoclonal antibody used to treat auto-immune disorders. Infliximab reduces the amount of active human tumour necrosis factor (hTNFa) in the body by binding to it and preventing it from signalling the receptors for TNFa on the surface of various cell types. TNFa is one of the key cytokines that triggers and sustains the inflammatory reactions. Infliximab is used for the treatment of psoriasis, Crohn's disease, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis.

Bevacizumab ELISA Kit

Bevacizumab is a recombinant human IgG1 monoclonal antibody specific for all human vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A) isoforms. The humanized anti-VEGF monoclonal antibody, bevacizumab, has been approved by the FDA as a first-line treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer in combination with chemotherapy. The pharmacokinetic properties of bevacizumab are consistent with a typical humanized monoclonal antibody. It was shown that the surveillance of circulating concentration during maintenance therapy represents a direct and/or indirect factor for other side effects.


Please see our extensive range of biosimilar ELISA kits available for research below:

Biosimilar ELISA Kits

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Adalimumab ELISA Kit abx395016 View Here
Afasevikumab ELISA Kit abx395146 View Here
Afutuzumab ELISA Kit abx395063 View Here
Alacizumab ELISA Kit abx395113 View Here
Amatuximab ELISA Kit abx395135 View Here
Andecaliximab ELISA Kit abx395073 View Here
Anetumab Ravtansine ELISA Kit abx395136 View Here
Anifrolumab ELISA Kit abx395089 View Here
Apamistamab ELISA Kit abx395051 View Here
Ascrinvacumab ELISA Kit abx395115 View Here
Astegolimab ELISA Kit abx395124 View Here
Atezolizumab ELISA Kit abx395168 View Here
Avelumab ELISA Kit abx395169 View Here
Balstilimab ELISA Kit abx395139 View Here
Basiliximab ELISA Kit abx395022 View Here
Befovacimab ELISA Kit abx395059 View Here
Belantamab ELISA Kit abx395125 View Here
Benufutamab ELISA Kit abx395000 View Here
Bimagrumab ELISA Kit abx395105 View Here
Bimekizumab ELISA Kit abx395147 View Here
Blosozumab ELISA Kit abx395163 View Here
Brolucizumab ELISA Kit abx395077 View Here
Cabiralizumab ELISA Kit abx395044 View Here
Camidanlumab ELISA Kit abx395023 View Here
Canakinumab ELISA Kit abx395020 View Here
Carlumab ELISA Kit abx395069 View Here
Cergutuzumab ELISA Kit abx395042 View Here
Certolizumab ELISA Kit abx395017 View Here
Cetrelimab ELISA Kit abx395140 View Here
Cinpanemab ELISA Kit abx395116 View Here
Cixutumumab ELISA Kit abx395046 View Here
Clazakizumab ELISA Kit abx395038 View Here
Codrituzumab ELISA Kit abx395123 View Here
Conatumumab ELISA Kit abx395001 View Here
Concizumab ELISA Kit abx395060 View Here
Crizanlizumab ELISA Kit abx395080 View Here
Cusatuzumab ELISA Kit abx395110 View Here
Daclizumab ELISA Kit abx395024 View Here
Dalotuzumab ELISA Kit abx395047 View Here
Daratumumab ELISA Kit abx395106 View Here
Depatuxizumab ELISA Kit abx395009 View Here
Dilpacimab ELISA Kit abx395166 View Here
Disitamab ELISA Kit abx395033 View Here
Drozitumab ELISA Kit abx395002 View Here
Dupilumab ELISA Kit abx395100 View Here
Durvalumab ELISA Kit abx395170 View Here
Edrecolomab ELISA Kit abx395087 View Here
Eldelumab ELISA Kit abx395028 View Here
Elezanumab ELISA Kit abx395160 View Here
Emactuzumab ELISA Kit abx395045 View Here
Emibetuzumab ELISA Kit abx395052 View Here
Enfortumab Vedotin ELISA Kit abx395161 View Here
Enoblituzumab ELISA Kit abx395154 View Here
Epcoritamab ELISA Kit abx395064 View Here
Faricimab ELISA Kit abx395005 View Here
Farletuzumab ELISA Kit abx395074 View Here
Favezelimab ELISA Kit abx395093 View Here
Figitumumab ELISA Kit abx395048 View Here
Foravirumab ELISA Kit abx395176 View Here
Frovocimab ELISA Kit abx395157 View Here
Ganitumab ELISA Kit abx395049View Here
Gevokizumab ELISA Kit abx395021 View Here
Glembatumumab ELISA Kit abx395138 View Here
Glofitamab ELISA Kit abx395065 View Here
Golimumab ELISA Kit abx395018 View Here
Gremubamab ELISA Kit abx395180 View Here
Ianalumab ELISA Kit abx395162 View Here
Ibalizumab ELISA Kit abx395025 View Here
Ibritumomab ELISA Kit abx395066 View Here
Icrucumab ELISA Kit abx395090 View Here
Ieramilimab ELISA Kit abx395091 View Here
Ifabotuzumab ELISA Kit abx395107 View Here
Iladatuzumab ELISA Kit abx395117 View Here
Imalumab ELISA Kit abx395072 View Here
Inclacumab ELISA Kit abx395081 View Here
Indatuximab ELISA Kit abx395094 View Here
Infliximab ELISA Kit abx395019 View Here
Ipilimumab ELISA Kit abx395084 View Here
Iscalimab ELISA Kit abx395101 View Here
Itolizumab ELISA Kit abx395109 View Here
Ivuxolimab ELISA Kit abx395119 View Here
Ixekizumab ELISA Kit abx395148 View Here
Labetuzumab ELISA Kit abx395043 View Here
Lacnotuzumab ELISA Kit abx395054 View Here
Lenzilumab ELISA Kit abx395029 View Here
Letolizumab ELISA Kit abx395108 View Here
Lexatumumab ELISA Kit abx395003 View Here
Lintuzumab ELISA Kit abx395095 View Here
Lirilumab ELISA Kit abx395122 View Here
Lodelcizumab ELISA Kit abx395158 View Here
Lorvotuzumab ELISA Kit abx395070 View Here
Losatuxizumab ELISA Kit abx395010 View Here
Lupartumab ELISA Kit abx395008 View Here
Magrolimab ELISA Kit abx395132 View Here
Marstacimab ELISA Kit abx395061 View Here
Mavezelimab ELISA Kit abx395092 View Here
Meplazumab ELISA Kit abx395112 View Here
Milatuzumab ELISA Kit abx395032 View Here
Mirikizumab ELISA Kit abx395165 View Here
Mirvetuximab ELISA Kit abx395075 View Here
Mirzotamab ELISA Kit abx395155 View Here
Mosunetuzumab ELISA Kit abx395067 View Here
Namilumab ELISA Kit abx395030 View Here
Navicixizumab ELISA Kit abx395167 View Here
Necitumumab ELISA Kit abx395011 View Here
Nesvacumab ELISA Kit abx395006 View Here
Nirsevimab ELISA Kit abx395172 View Here
Nivolumab ELISA Kit abx395141 View Here
Obiltoxaximab ELISA Kit abx395179 View Here
Obinutuzumab ELISA Kit abx395062 View Here
Ocaratuzumab ELISA Kit abx395068 View Here
Olaratumab ELISA Kit abx395082 View Here
Oleclumab ELISA Kit abx395096 View Here
Olokizumab ELISA Kit abx395039 View Here
Omburtamab ELISA Kit abx395156 View Here
Ontamalimab ELISA Kit abx395137 View Here
Otilimab ELISA Kit abx395031 View Here
Oxelumab ELISA Kit abx395099 View Here
Pacmilimab ELISA Kit abx395171 View Here
Palivizumab ELISA Kit abx395173 View Here
Panitumumab ELISA Kit abx395012 View Here
Pasotuxizumab ELISA Kit abx395127 View Here
Pembrolizumab ELISA Kit abx395142 View Here
Pertuzumab ELISA Kit abx395034 View Here
Pogalizumab ELISA Kit abx395120 View Here
Polatuzumab ELISA Kit abx395118 View Here
Rafivirumab ELISA Kit abx395177 View Here
Ramucirumab ELISA Kit abx395114 View Here
Ranibizumab ELISA Kit abx395078 View Here
Remtolumab ELISA Kit abx395149 View Here
Rolinsatamab ELISA Kit abx395088 View Here
Romosozumab ELISA Kit abx395164 View Here
Rosopatamab ELISA Kit abx395128 View Here
Sacituzumab ELISA Kit abx395055 View Here
Secukinumab ELISA Kit abx395150 View Here
Semorinemab ELISA Kit abx395056 View Here
Serclutamab ELISA Kit abx395013 View Here
Sibrotuzumab ELISA Kit abx395133 View Here
Simlukafusp Alfa ELISA Kit abx395134 View Here
Sintilimab ELISA Kit abx395143 View Here
Sirukumab ELISA Kit abx395040 View Here
Suptavumab ELISA Kit abx395174 View Here
Suvizumab ELISA Kit abx395175 View Here
Talacotuzumab ELISA Kit abx395103 View Here
Tanezumab ELISA Kit abx395015 View Here
Tarextumab ELISA Kit abx395129 View Here
Tavolimab ELISA Kit abx395121 View Here
Teclistamab ELISA Kit abx395126 View Here
Teprotumumab ELISA Kit abx395050 View Here
Tesidolumab ELISA Kit abx395014 View Here
Tezepelumab ELISA Kit abx395159 View Here
Tibulizumab ELISA Kit abx395151 View Here
Tigatuzumab ELISA Kit abx395004 View Here
Tilavonemab ELISA Kit abx395057 View Here
Tiragolumab ELISA Kit abx395153 View Here
Tislelizumab ELISA Kit abx395144 View Here
Tisotumab ELISA Kit abx395071 View Here
Tocilizumab ELISA Kit abx395053 View Here
Toripalimab ELISA Kit abx395145 View Here
Tosatoxumab ELISA Kit abx395178 View Here
Tovetumab ELISA Kit abx395083 View Here
Trastuzumab ELISA Kit abx395035 View Here
Tregalizumab ELISA Kit abx395026 View Here
Tremelimumab ELISA Kit abx395085 View Here
Urelumab ELISA Kit abx395130 View Here
Utomilumab ELISA Kit abx395131 View Here
Vanucizumab ELISA Kit abx395007 View Here
Varisacumab ELISA Kit abx395079 View Here
Varlilumab ELISA Kit abx395102 View Here
Vibecotamab ELISA Kit abx395104 View Here
Vofatamab ELISA Kit abx395098 View Here
Vorsetuzumab ELISA Kit abx395111 View Here
Vunakizumab ELISA Kit abx395152 View Here
Zagotenemab ELISA Kit abx395058 View Here
Zalifrelimab ELISA Kit abx395086 View Here
Zampilimab ELISA Kit abx395097 View Here
Zanidatamab ELISA Kit abx395036 View Here
Zanolimumab ELISA Kit abx395027 View Here
Zenocutuzumab ELISA Kit abx395037 View Here
Ziltivekimab ELISA Kit abx395041 View Here

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