Scotland to be one hundred percent renewable by 2020

Posted on 2017-11-13

In a revolution of renewable energies, Scotland is leading by example. The country with windy hills and valleys is putting all that potential energy to good use.

Scotland currently has 750 wind farms, amassing 3,000 individual turbines, 72% of its overall renewable energy capacity, which is more than enough to power Scotland.

What's more astonishing about Scotland is the speed in which its renewable energy industry has grown in the past decade and a half. In last 15 years, it has bolstered up its renewables from 10% to 60%, a target which was set for 2020, however, they smashed that goal 5 years early. Now they are on target to be 100% dependent on renewables by 2020, a first for a European country.

China is another country weening itself from the dependence on fossil fuels and constructing many different renewable energy sources. One Province of China with a population more than Scotland's became entirely powered by renewable energies for 7 days in a row just to showcase its potential.

As of yet, there have been no negative impacts on Scotland's finances and doesn't look like there will be. This proves that a country does not have to choose between ecological and economic considerations.

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