How to Cite our Products

The Importance of Citations

Over half of products are not uniquely identifiable in publications.
This can make it difficult for scientists to reproduce and build upon successful work.
Adding detailed citations can help scientists procure the same reagents to produce the same results in their own research. Citations also act as an independent validation that the product works in a particular application.

How to Cite Abbexa

Below are some guidelines to help cite any products used.
Please note, there is not one method for this and it can vary from journal to journal; these points act as a general guide.

1. State Abbexa as the source of the product purchased

2. Include the catalogue number, for Abbexa products this begins with "abx"
For example: <product name> (Abbexa, #abx123456)

3. Mention any tested applications and relevant parameters (dilution range, concentrations, etc.)

4. Mention the species samples experimented on

Our Citation Reward Program

For each citation emailed in to us, you will receive a coupon code for 15% discount* to apply to your next order.

Email with a link to or a copy of your paper in which our product is mentioned.

We proudly display all feedback as a way to showcase reliable data generated by researchers using our products. These are the best possible testimony for the quality and consistency of Abbexa's products.

*One discount code is allocated for each publication. Redeemable on one order only. Voucher is redeemable on the purchase of any product on our website. Shipping and handling fees apply for any single order and are non-refundable.
Terms and conditions apply.

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