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Staurosporine is a small molecule. Staurosporine is a broad spectrum protein kinase inhibitor with activities ranging from anti-fungal to anti-hypertensive (1). Staurosporine is a typical ATP-competitive kinase inhibitor that binds to many kinases with high affinity, but with little selectivity (2).

Target Staurosporine
Origin Synthetic
Form Solid
Purity >98% (TLC); NMR (Conforms)
Storage Store at -20 °C.
Molecular Weight 466.54 g/mol
Molecular Formula C28H26N4O3
CAS Number 62996-74-1
SMILES C[C@@]12[C@@H]([C@@H](C[C@@H](O1)N3C4=CC=CC=C4C5=C6C(=C7C8=CC=CC=C8N2C7=C53)CNC6=O)NC)OC
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